Tools To Get Your Lawn Ready For The Spring

Tools To Get Your Lawn Ready For The Spring

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As winter fades away, most homeowners start to get ready to bring their lawns back to life and put that patch of green around their homes. It takes a lot of work to have a nice looking lawn, and you also need the right kind of tools to get the job done. Before you start getting the lawn into shape, you should take an inventory and see if you have the right tools on hand.


Trying to hand pump spraying equipment to make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to come back to life can take forever and cause some serious hand cramps. The best solution is to get commercial lawn sprayer equipment and cover your entire lawn in a fraction of the time and without the painful hands.


Most people aerate their lawns right before winter sets in, but you can also help your lawn out by aerating it when winter ends as well. Aerating allows all of the nutrients and water you are spraying onto your lawn to get beneath the surface and get to where it needs to be. Aerating by hand is not only painful, but it can take entirely too long. You can get an inexpensive aerator that will help you get the job done in plenty of time for spring.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

This year, instead of clipping all of those overgrown and dead bushed and hedges by hand, you should treat yourself and get an inexpensive electric hedge trimmer. Gas hedge trimmers are convenient because they do not require a cord, but electric trimmers are less expensive, easier to maintain and lighter to carry.

When the winter months start to come to a close, it is time to start thinking about bringing back your lawn for the spring and summer. As you get ready to revive your green landscaping, make sure you have the right tools to get the job done quickly and easily.